So, you are the owner of a very strange diner. You have a lot of customers, and also you have a mysterious fridge.

You see a client, you see what he wants above his head, go get it from the fridge and try to give this food to your client. I dunno why, perhaps you are drunk or something else, but your hands are shaking, so you drop down the food pretty often, and also the food can fly by itself sometimes… wut? I told you - it’s a very strange bar, even your hand is fake, lol. Sometimes your fridge will be full, so you'll be OUT OF SPACE, then you'll need to put some products into destroyer machine. Sure, you can just throw away food, but you'll loose 1 HP. So put 2 things into destroyer and keep playing.
Btw, clients don’t like that stuff very much and they might kill you because of it. JK (NO. RUN) Oh, btw, you can tickle these cute guys by clicking on them, so they'll wait a bit longer. 

We hope you'll have some fun, and hopefully you not gonna get nightmares ahaha ... hahaha...ha...

We used Pyxel Edit for art, FL Studio for music and Haxe + Kha based engine.

Dmitry Petyakin ( - art/music
Ustance ( - programming/gamedesign
Game soundtrack:

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